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Museum Etnobotani

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Festival Museum Nusantara, Museum Etnobotani – Tourism Industry in Bogor City was not positively affect the development of scientific tourism. Except Bogor Botanical Gardens, which is more widely used as a gathering place for family picnics and without regard to educational values, it can be said of cars Jakarta and Bogor own citizens seem to deny the existence of numerous museums and historical monuments in this city.

They are only interested in shopping and food more quickly because of instant gratification. That was the fate of the increasingly valuable culture supplanted by popular culture product that offers instant pleasure.

On the other hand, in fact, the existence of the Museum in Bogor Etnobotani plays a fairly important for the preservation of the environment, including global warming issue that hit the planet Earth.

Moreover, the function and position of Bogor city since the colonial era to the present as a biology research center of the city, Agriculture, and Livestock. Increasing air temperature and pollution in the city of Bogor, not only indicates decreasing function of Bogor Botanical Gardens as the city’s lungs, but also use the tools everyday that are not environmentally friendly, especially the equipment of a hard plastic decomposed.

By visiting the MEI, the public would think to use the goods of daily needs of an environmentally friendly and healthy for the body. Instead, they can capitalize on existing traditional technologies and still allows to be used mostly stored in the Museum Etnobotani. Utilization of traditional technologies, on the other hand, also reduce dependence on imported products and empower the back of domestic-made goods, which also stimulates the rise of home-based business sector, where the goods were produced.

Thus, the goal is reached from the MEI, which documents the traditional knowledge of Indonesian society in plant resource use and disclosure of plants that have value to the local economy developed into a national and global commodity.

Museum Etnobotani, just like the fate of other museums in the city of Bogor, away from the crowds of visitors. With operational hours long, starting at 08.00-16.00 pm, and compensation costs are relatively cheap, a dollar, should have many visitors who come not just travel, but also learn about the cultural diversity of Indonesia Java International Destination. In fact, within two months there is not necessarily the individual visitors who come, at best only an occasional late entourage visited this place. As a result, the employees of the museum, which consists of a chief, three education curator, and a cleaner, more mengangur and often leave their jobs, including in matters of welcoming guests who came to visit.

Etnobotani Museum The management must clean up, to pack this place into an attractive tourist objects to be visited. Various classical problems, such as a remote place, the lack of publicity, and lack of direction signs lead to some travelers and Bogor City community not knowing where exactly the museum, let alone the items displayed in it.

The government, in this case Bogor City Tourism Office to intervene must also respond to this serious problem. Do not just look at the growing tourism artificial menyemerawutkan Bogor City. Kongkritnya solution is to make and offer a program of visits that include a variety of Festival Museum Nusantara and monuments in the city of Bogor to the public.

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March 24, 2010 at 8:20 pm

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