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Mindset of the Museum

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Festival Museum Nusantara, Mindset of the Museum – Museum visitors can not be blamed, because it is so many museums in Indonesia are boring to the lay community. Museums are “boring” this can not be denied an ancient heritage, while the museum has a very limited function of the interest of science dokumetasi, for the few educated people, for the scholars of archeology, anthropology, geology, senman and collector, which must was not concerned with other aspects of the documentation interests outside of science.

A mindset of the Museum Festival Museum Nusantara can be a center of learning, not just from the quality of the collection alone, but on appeal as a vehicle to make everyone (especially the community of people of Aceh) was to have it. A museum is very sensitive to the needs of the masses and make the people of Aceh to feel represented. In short a living museum visitors in the everyday world and describe the cultural experiences of the collective experience of people of Aceh and elsewhere.

Said the museum is often reminded of all that is ancient. Something closely related to issues antiques, old histories stored in the form of collections on display. So that we trust and believe that if you want to know about the origin, go to the museum. So no wonder when people often feel lazy to go to the museum.

In relation to development plans tsunami museum in Aceh is, it’s time we turned on the museum concept that can meet the aspirations of many stakeholders ranging from academics to young children of primary school age. Clearly, the tsunami museum documenting the future not just tsunamis, but rather to put the terrible disaster events as a starting point for the resurrection of the spirit of the nation of Aceh alone. The concept of the museum still needs to focus itself on the social functions.

Why would often go see a dusty relic that has nothing to do with the present? These little notes intended to bring more information to the reader that the Festival Museum Nusantara functions as a means of limited scientific documentation only long abandoned people. But this perspective Museum is still dominant in the various practices in the Indonesian Museum-even for an important museums.

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March 24, 2010 at 3:40 am

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